Hi, I'm Sunny :) I gave in again and shipped a ship that is sure to be the death of me. This is where I place my Olicity feels. I'm sorry, in advance. Also, I ship all the ships, especially the crazy ones. If you're looking for a sane Olicity shipper, I am not it. You are a saint if you want to be friends with me anyway♥

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"I think the expressions on our faces say enough…"

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 Anonymous said: "I don't think Olicity will happen in Season 3. It's too soon. They admit feelings and somehow push each other away at the same time. I have a feeling that Season 3 will be a cliffhanger with a lot of stuff unresolved, including Olicity. I don't like the fandom relishing on Oliver's manpain and put Felicity on a pedestal. It's payback for Oliver not to sleep around but its high time Felicity got some even if they are both fully aware of each other feelings?"

YES. Yes to all of this.

I just want to see Felicity getting some action. Like really, that’s all I want.

And I wouldn’t mind a jealous Oliver.

He looks good in green ;)

And I want an Oliver story line that has him reorganizing the mess that is his life. More Team Arrow, less I-Need-A-Girl-To-Heal-My-Mainpain.

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kristenw1717 replied to your post “I see your concern but it’s been 2 (almost 3) yrs since they’ve met…”

I think we might still have the slow burn thing. At least I hope so. I think they are probably going to draw out everything. Go through a few cycles of exactly what you said about him pulling away, and maybe in a a couple seasons something real.

God, hear my prayers.

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 Anonymous said: "I see your concern but it's been 2 (almost 3) yrs since they've met. We have canon confirmation that he's had STRONG feelings for her since 2x06. S3 they open up with a date that ends with them apart (because she's in danger, etc). That means a S3 with their UST&them trying to ignore their feelings (though Oliver won't turn to another girl). Stephen also made it clear that O/L & O/S won't 'ever' be together(His word, not mine). Actors can't just say stuff like that without TPTB's approval so.."

I’m not denying their feelings. Definitely not denying how strong those feelings are. I’m just saying I enjoy the slow burn we’ve had for the past two seasons. I wouldn’t mind a couple more seasons of longing stares and stolen glances and aching touches and wistful sighs. It’s what I enjoy most about these two: the purity and lightness in their feelings, instead of the dark and heavy love he’s had before.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out, but I am a little skeptical because I’ve suffered through writers appeasing the fans and rushing a beautiful thing.

I do think the season will start off with Oliver and Felicity wanting to be together but then realizing how dangerous his life is and going back to wanting to keep her safe at a distance again. Which sucks.

And my dear, I think we can all agree that Stephen LOVES saying things he’s not supposed to. It’s a not-so-guilty pleasure of his lol.

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 thatcraftylittledoodlepumpkin said: "#I remember when I did the thing #I want to do another thing #dear inspiration #come find me -> DO IT those things are the best"

haha I’ll get to it! I just need to remember where I left off!

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 thelongroadtosanity said: "(Character preference) captain america, iron man, the hulk, hawkeye, thor"

Hey :)

so I’m not very typical in my preference buuuuut

  1. Thor
  2. Iron Man
  3. Hawkeye
  4. Captain America
  5. Hulk
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Arrow + what really happened

her lack of interest in his body disconcerts him

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remember the good old days when I used to make things?

yeah, me too.

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'So tell us a definitive answer, is it gonna be Oliver and Felicity? Or is it gonna be Barry and Felicity?' (x)

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Put 5 characters in my ask and I’ll put them in my preference order 

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c a n do it

i’ll get t h r o u g h this

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Colton Haynes talking about Arsenal’s outfit

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 Anonymous said: "Hi i'm wanting to know how to be friends wit you?"

This is a very good question, the answer to which is quite complex and involves a lot of attention to detail. If you feel like you can master this technique of creating and maintaining a friendship with me, please follow the following intricate steps:

  1. Say hello to me
  2. Repeat every day

Difficult, I know. But it can be rewarding if you can manage to get to step 2 ;)

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