Hi, I'm Sunny :) I gave in again and shipped a ship that is sure to be the death of me. This is where I place my Olicity feels. I'm sorry, in advance. Also, I ship all the ships, especially the crazy ones. If you're looking for a sane Olicity shipper, I am not it. You are a saint if you want to be friends with me anyway♥

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"Be still, my heart." 
       Starring Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards.

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Stephen Amell: Shoot TV shows. Attempt to eradicate cancer through charitable work. Eat low carb meals. Sleep. Repeat.

Fuck Cancer // Represent Stephen

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Ladies of Arrow Week
We need a week to appreciate all the lovely ladies of Arrow. The week before Arrow returns seems like the perfect opportunity. October 1-7th will be about all the wonderful ladies of arrow


Day 1: Favorite Quote
Day 2: Favorite Fight
Day 3: Favorite Outfit
Day 4: Favorite Character Traits 
Day 5: Favorite Comedic Moment 
Day 6: Favorite Friendship/Relationship
Day 7: AU Day, Free Choice, Dream dialogue, friendship, reason you love
Fanfiction Edition 

This is for all of the lovely writers who love ladies.The prompts are good enough for you to have some specificity, but vague enough for you to let your imagination run wild. My personal challenge is for these to not be shipping related, but instead friend and lady team related.


Day 1: Family
Day 2: Team work
Day 3: Shopping
Day 4: Thoughtful
Day 5: Laughter
Day 6: Vacation
Day 7: Sleepover 

Other Information
  • Tag everything with LOAweek it will be re-blogged here

  • No Ship wars (these ladies are easily worth ten men) and no bashing other characters. I know this shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s easier just to say it. <3

  • If you have any question feel free to ask

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bratva!oliver appreciation post

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@mguggenheim Best seat in the house. #arrowflashcrossover #tableread (x)

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meghanqueen replied to your post: I want to get back to making gifs but …

There’s a Ladies of Arrow appreciation week! Starts October 1st :)

ooh ooh tell me more!

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I want to get back to making gifs but I need a starter, because inspiration is on vacation.

so I’m thinking of either doing the Laurel Lance Appreciation Week

or maybe going back and actually doing the Olicity Appreciation Week from a few months ago

or should I just do new/different things?

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"She knows him better than anybody.
                    Stephen Amell
"Most people fail to see the real me.”                   
                    Oliver Queen

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It’s been almost a year since the last Laurel Appreciation Week and with the upcoming premiere of Arrow’s third season we felt that it was that time of the year to do our second Laurel Lance Week. You can participate in any manner that you choose whether through a simple text post, gif making, graphic designs, or fanfiction. It’s really up to you as long as we keep things positive! Negativity and hate is not allowed. So Arrow fandom, if you love Laurel, please participate and show your love, or simply support those in the fandom who do love Laurel.

The event will be held through September 24th to September 30th and the official tag is #laurelweek2. Keep in mind you don’t have to post exactly on these dates (just around them).

  • day 1: favorite season
  • day 2: favorite scene(s)
  • day 3: favorite heartbreaking moment(s)
  • day 4: favorite quote(s)
  • day 5: favorite brotp
  • day 6: favorite otp
  • day 7: free for all and/or katie cassidy appreciation

The main thing is we want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves. If you have any questions you can contact me, Jess, or Kate. Or you can send us a message through laurellancegifs, which is most likely where we will reblog all things in regard to laurel week.

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Unthinkable deleted scene

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Arrow The complete second season DVD release:

→ Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards on the season 2 Gag reel.
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Arrow 2.5 #2

Arrow Season 2.5 digital comics are starting to become available (itunes, I gather) so Comixology should be following soon. So if you want to buy, get ready and if you subscribed, get ready for some fun!

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"you’re my king and i’m your lionheart"

King and Lionheart - an Oliver/Felicity fanvideo (Arrow)
"King and Lionheart" by Of Monsters and Men

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Emily Bett Rickards on Olicity (x)

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